Purrtastic care for your feline friends.

Are you always working or traveling and need a trustworthy pet care professional to come by your house and take care of your kitty? The Pooch Patrol pack provides drop-in visits and overnight care to feed, clean up litter, and play with your sweet fluffbucket.

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Domestic Shorthair Tabby, 4 yrs

Ms. Mocha

Ragdoll mix, 9 yrs


Shorthair Calico, 12 yrs

Mister Boy

Black shorthair, 9 yrs

Franklin & Charlie

Domestic shorthair, 12 yrs | Black shorthair, 16 yrs

Franny & Pete

Longhair mix, 12 yrs | Longhair Tuxedo, 4 yrs

Miss Mendy

Shorthair Siamese & Calico mix, 5 yrs

Luna & Jasper

Shorthair Tuxedo, 3 yrs | Ginger 1 yr

Wise Wayne

Black Shorthair, 7 yrs

Johnny & Glenn

Shorthair Tudexos, 2 yrs


Shorthair Russian Blue, 5 yrs

Chuck is a fabulous and caring pet person. I’ve trusted him with my pets many times and he has always taken excellent care of my dog, Selkie. Chuck is very reliable and I would trust him with any animal care situation. I know he really cares about my animals.

Eleanor D.


Want a trustworthy and loving petcare professional to take care of your kitty?