Pooch Patrol Scoop: 2023 Archive

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Pooch Patrol Scoop 🐶 December 2023

Season’s greetings, I hope it’s been an amazing year for all our pawparents. December has been the busiest and best month for us since I opened Pooch Patrol three years ago.

Pooch Patrol Scoop 🐶 October 2023

Life is complicated. There’s always something we need to get done and it’s our nature to keep moving. If you’re feeling stressed, take a break while reading this newsletter.

Pooch Patrol Scoop 🐶 August 2023

One of the biggest things I’ve learned from caring for dogs and cats is how they’re always is the present moment. They don’t constantly overthink, stress, and worry like their human counterparts do.

Pooch Patrol Scoop 🐶 July 2023

Life is about ups and downs. The universe shows us things in the world when we’re struggling and timing is everything. If you can pay attention to those signs, you’ll know which path to follow to happiness.

Pooch Patrol Scoop 🐶 June 2023

As you go through life, one things you’ll start to understand is how much slowing down can help with everything from your personal to business life.

Pooch Patrol Scoop 🐶 May 2023

Happy pawmom’s day and you’re doing a great job! Being a pawparent can sometimes be overwhelming while you’re juggling life’s responsibilities.

Pooch Patrol Scoop 🐶 April 2023

Kicking this one off with a fun story: On Friday, I went to a concert at the Wonder Ballroom. I tried skipping two openers but I miscalculated my math. Two songs later, the show was over.

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