Happiness is a warm puppy.

If you're looking to add a new furry friend to your family, rescue organizations are excellent resources for adoption and fostering. These nonprofit organizations are led by volunteers who treat dogs with kindness, empathy, and respect. Happy pet finding!

Animal Aid

Animal Aid enhances the welfare of companion animals through individualized care and lifelong commitment, rescue and adoption, resources and education, and community partnerships. They also operate a foster program for dogs.

A Woof Over My Head Dog Rescue

A Woof Over My Head Dog Rescue is a non-profit dog rescue in Portland, OR focusing on local dogs: rescue, rehab, and rehoming.

Deaf Dogs of Oregon

Deaf Dogs of Oregon is a small group of people in Portland, OR who are dedicated to rescue, training, and education for and about deaf dogs nationwide. They rescue and train deaf dogs saved from kill shelters from all over the U.S.

Family Dogs New Life Shelter

Family Dogs New Life is a no kill dog shelter dedicated to rescuing and rehoming needy dogs of all ages, breeds and backgrounds. They believe that all dogs deserve a second chance at a new life. It’s not about being the perfect dog, it is about dog and adopter being perfect for one another.

Fur Love Haven

Fur Love Haven is committed to being a voice for dogs, unwanted for any reason, and giving them a safe and loving environment. They fostering all animals in loving homes while preparing for their forever home. And are happy to re-welcome animals previously placed, without question or judgment.

My Way Home Dog Rescue

My Way Home Dog Rescue was created by a group of people committed to improving the quality of dogs' lives. They focus on a few dogs at a time and that helps them match dogs to homes that have the best chance of lasting a lifetime.

Northwest Animal Companions

Northwest Animal Companions fosters all of their rescued dogs in the homes of their dedicated volunteers. They spend serious quality time getting to know these pets and their adoptive families, too - ensuring you’re matched with the perfect furry BFF.

Oregon Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation

Oregon Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation acts as a shepherd for Saint Bernard dogs and puppies that are without suitable caretakers and are in need of help. They shelter the homeless, care for and find homes for the unwanted, abandoned, neglected and abused, feed the hungry, and provide medical services to the sick, injured and lame.

Oregon Dachshund Rescue

Oregon Dachshund Rescue is a no kill shelter specializing in rescuing Dachshunds in Portland Oregon, and surrounding areas. They help Doxies that are abused, neglected, injured, disabled, or surrendered for euthanization. They believe that every single one of these wonderful little dogs deserves love, proper care, and a forever home.

Oregon Humane Society

Oregon Humane Society offers a wide variety of services from pet adoption, training, humane law enforcement, veterinary care, humane education, and disaster response. They put no time limits on how long animals remain at the shelter. A pet stays available for adoption as long as needed to find a loving home.

Oregon Weimaraner Rescue

Oregon Weimaraner Rescue is dedicated to finding permanent, loving homes for Weimaraners in need across all of Oregon, Washington and Idaho. All of their rescues are located within a network of foster homes not in a designated building. 

The Pixie Project

The Pixie Project is an animal adoption center and rescue that offers a variety of services to the public: pet adoption services, pet owner education and support and low cost and free spay and neuter and veterinary services for homeless and low-income pet owners. 

Pacific Pug Rescue

Pacific Pug Rescue rescues, rehabilitate and place unwanted, neglected and abused Pugs in permanent adoptive homes that have been carefully screened. The Pugs and former owners they work with are from all over the Pacific Northwest and even a few international rescues.

Portland Dachshund Rescue

Portland Dachshund Rescue Inc is a no kill organization passionately committed to providing care and rehoming to Dachshunds in need throughout the Portland, Oregon area as well as the Pacific Northwest.

Rescue Faerie

Rescue Faerie provides rescue and adoption services for shelter dogs mainly from Los Cabos, Mexico, the region found at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula.

Rose City Fox Terrier Rescue

Rose City Fox Terrier Rescue is a Wire Haired Fox Terrier and Smooth Fox Terrier dog rescue based in Portland, Oregon. Their mission is rescuing purebred Wire Haired Fox Terriers (sometimes referred to as Wire Haired Terriers) and purebred Smooth Haired Fox Terriers that are homeless, abandoned, or in shelters.

Stumptown Strays

Stumptown Strays is an Oregon dog rescue dedicated to rescuing shelter dogs with medical needs, providing lifesaving veterinary care, and aiding them on their path to their forever homes.

Underdogs Rock! Rescue

Underdogs Rock! Rescue transports, fosters, rescues, and finds forever homes for their dogs in Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas. They rescue dogs from overcrowded high-kill shelters in Southern California, Alabama and other locations.

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