Handy dog training tips for pet parents.

You don't have to be a professional trainer to teach your pooch new tricks. Are you willing to put the time, energy, and love into some basic training and be consistent? These positive reinforcement training tips will help.

Pooch Patrol Dog Walking Tips

Postivive Reinforcement Dog Training Tips

The best way to connect with your dog is by using a "look at me" command. It establishes trust and helps get your dog to listen.

Teaching your dog how to have good recall when calling its name is helpful for safe walking. Here's how to train your dog to get its attention.

If your dog bites and wrestles with your leash, use "yes" as a positive reinforcement command to interrupt their thought process and behavior.

Is your dog fearful and reactive with other pooches on walks? Try the "watch me" command to help it focus the attention back onto you.

Jumping & Resource Guarding

Puppies typically love jumping on people. The "sit" command along with redirection and treat rewards can help calm it down.

If your dog gets overly excited and jumps on people visiting your home, try using a "place" command along with "stay."

Has your dog taken over your bedroom and wants the bed for itself? Use this technique to stop the resource guarding behavior.

Need a calm, caring, and patient pet sitter for your pooch?