Our home is your pet's second home.

We're exclusively a professional dog boarder, sitter, and walker so your pets are our #1 priority. We look forward to taking care of your pooch and exploring life together. We also care for cats so if you have a kitty or two, we're here to help. Our home is your pet's home.

Living a Life Full of Pets

My love for pets began where I grew up in Lancaster, CA. At a very early age, my parents bought us two sweet little guinea pigs that we named Alexander and Daisy. One looked like an orange creamsicle and the other was a tuxedo.

Growing up, my brothers and I would sneak stray cats into our house. My dad said he "didn't like cats" but Church, a shorthair Russian Blue, easily won him over. Hazel, a long-haired fluff monster also snuck her way into the family. My dad was a tall '50s man from the east coast who had owned dogs so it's always been in my blood.

While living in Santa Cruz, CA, we had a senior Calico named Emeline that we adopted at a local shelter. Then there was Salem, a beautiful tabby. After she passed, we adopted Mica, who was a highly intelligent Calico and Abyssinian mix. That girl was always about her zoomies in our home. Dwarf hamsters also were part of our fur babies our tiny apartment. It was a blast watching them stuff their cheeks and make fluffy homes. So adorbs!

Adopting From Oregon Human Society

Around 2006, we moved to Portland, OR to be closer to our family. My sister-in-law was working at Oregon Human Society and we adopted Pedro, a long-haired Russian Blue. We liked to call him "Puppy" because he loved fetching small rolled-up pieces of paper.

My sister-in-law had an adorable tripod dog named Scooby who was so kind and gentle. Every time, I saw that pup, he was always happy and full of joy. I learned a lot from that boy. My family would help them out and would board him (and her other dogs) regularly at our house. That's when my love for dogs really blossomed.

We also started boarding dogs at our house three years ago through Rover. Business took off in early summer of 2021 and that's when I left their platform. A few months later, I launched Pooch Patrol LLC so I could focus on caring for rescues, seniors, and anxious dogs.

My family of pooches and kitties continues to grow and I am so grateful to be outside everyday, hanging out, and having fun with your furbabies. I love my job so much! 😎


About Us & The Pooch Resort

  • We live in NE Portland and own a 1922 Cape Cod Bungalow
  • We have a fenced yard for your pup to safely have tons of fun
  • We don't own a dog so we can focus on your furbabies
  • We allow your pets on our furniture and bed for snuggles
  • We prefer not to use crates so your dog will be much happier
  • Our neighborhood has many fun routes for walking your dog
  • We own two cats: Luna a Tuxedo and Jasper, a Ginger

Professional Petcare Services

  • Dog Boarding: Overnight
  • Dog Boarding: Full Day
  • Doggy Daycare
  • Drop-In Visits: Dogs
  • Drop-In Visits: Cats
  • Cat Overnight (your home)

Resort Accomdations

Play & Exercise

Our concrete driveway is about 60' x 20' and where your dog can get its energy out. We have ChuckIt balls, a rubber frisbee, and a rope toy for when it wants to play. If your pooch likes to chase balls, play tug-a-war, or catch frisbees - it'll absolutely love it here.

There's also a 15' x 15' shaded area where you pet can do its doggie business, let the zoomies out, and catch frisbees. It's covered with oak wood chips which are safe for its paws.

Hanging Out & Sleeping

We have a long 7' couch where your dog is welcome to hang out during its stay. We use a couch cover to protect it from dog hair, dirt, droll, and slobber so it's find if your pet gets dirty. There's also two chairs for dogs to chill and relax.

For sleeping, we usually have pooches stay with me in our furnished basement that has a separate bedroom and den. There's a queen-sized bed and couch with a twin-sized memory foam topper that's crazy comfortable.

We also have a 6' plush dog bed that is thick and cozy for sleeping (or hanging out).

We don't use crates because we believe an open environment works well for rescues, seniors, and anxious pups. Your pet can choose where it's most comfortable.

The Pooch Patrol Pack













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