Recommended treats and toys for your pooches.

These are some of the products I use everyday to keep my clients happy, busy, and relaxed. I recommend purchasing from local pet stores or direct from the manufacturer. Amazon will be abandoning their Smile program in March 2023.

Enrichment & Toys for Dogs

Nylabone Power Play Dog B-Ball is for super chewers who love to chase and play tug-a-war. It's made of rubber and always keeps its shape since there's no air. Grab the handle for extra fun!

Mammoth Flossy Chews Extra are made from high-quality yarns and ideal for pups that love to chew and play tug-a-war. Pick up the three knot version so there's room for your hands..

Fable The Game is for pooches who love solving problems. They have to use their snout and paws to get treats to come out of the hole. The base is weighted and the toy holds 1.5 cups of food.

ChuckIt! dog balls have a textured surface with a thick rubber core. If your pooch is a chewer, this ball is great since it's both tough and soft on your dog's mouth. Great for anxious pups.

KONG dog toys are ideal for dogs with separation anxiety. Load it up with peanut butter or yogurt with its favorite treats and freeze it. Your dog will be busy and happy while you're out.

KONG Classic Flyer is made for dogs that love to run and fetch. It's made of durable rubber so your pooch can also enjoy a good game of tug-a-war and endless rounds shake it.

KONG Jaxx Brights Tug toy is great if your dog likes to both tug and chew. Toss or throw it as well for fetching. You can also join the tug play session with the rubber handle.

Toppl treat toys are designed to be filled with a dog's favorite kibble or treats. We like to mix treats with plain yogurt and freeze it. It'll be your dog's fave popsicle.

Outward Hound dog bowls are designed to help your anxious pet greatly slow down their eating time. They're ideal for rescues because of the meal-lengthening ridges and are non-slip.

Pet Wellness & Treats for Anxious Dogs

Pooch Chill is small batch and locally made with no THC so your pet won't get high. It's a pet wellness product that can help take the edge off your pet's anxiety.

Pawse Bark-Less CBD Bites are made with organic hemp extract along with Icelandic fish oil and calming plant terpenes. It's a great product if you'd like a THC remedy for your pet.

Vetriscience Composure chews work fast help calm dogs that are feeling anxious or stressed. It’s great for thunderstorms, fireworks, traveling, vet visits, routine changes and more.

Whimzees veggie pig ear treats look like a pig's ear but they're a vegetarian, grain-free dental chew. Need to leave the house for a few hours? This tasty chew keeps your pup happy and busy.

Open Farm cod skin dog treats are made with fish that’s wild-caught using sustainable fishing practices at responsible fisheries and never in a farm. Senior dogs love these.

Trader Joe's organic chicken and brown rice sticks contain no fillers or additives like wheat, corn or soy, and are free of artificial flavors and colors. These treats are ideal for smaller dogs.

Dog Gear for Loud Noises & Stressful Situations

PAWNIX Greyfriars Bobby noise-cancelling headsets help dogs sleep through fireworks, thunderstorms, and loud noises. It's made of soft foam that slips over your pup's head.

CrittEar Calm dog earplugs are a patent-pending, in-ear noise protection for dogs. It’s made of a specially formulated memory foam and veterinarian recommended.

Thundershirt dog anxiety jacket applies gentle, constant pressure to help your dog tackle anxiety and fearful situations. If your pooch is sensitive to fireworks or visits to the vet, pick one up.

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