Pooch Patrol Scoop: April 2023

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Pooch Patrol Scoop 🐶 April 2023

Hello pawparents,

Kicking this one off with a fun story:

On Friday, I went to a concert at the Wonder Ballroom. I tried skipping two openers but I miscalculated my math. Two songs later, the show was over. The door people probably had a good laugh knowing I arrived so late.

I was so bummed but channeled one of my favorite quotes by Alan Watts:

The more you let go, the more things begin to work.

The moon was out and it was so peaceful. I took a nice walk and I found a Lime scooter. I had such a blast riding it home and bombing down hills in the dark. I was present in the present that night.

Life is about change. When you embrace things that don't go your way and move on, you'll find more happiness.

Here's what I currently have available for daycare, full day & overnights:

Current Year Availability 📅

  • April: 10, 11, 20-22, 24-30
  • May: 1-12, 14-25
  • June: 13-30
  • July: 11-13
  • August: 20-31
  • September: 23-30
  • October: 1-31
  • November: 1-30
  • December: 1-31

As usual, I'm generally always available for dog walking, cat & dog drop-in visits. Feel free send me a message on the client portal if you'd like to check my schedule first. Otherwise, go ahead and request my services on the portal.

General Updates 🐶


Pooch Chill Packs

We've got new multipacks of Pooch Chill on our website for both 600mg and 1800mg strengths. You can save up to $30 when you buy two or three bottles. It's handy if you have a friend or family member with anxious pups or kitties.

The Essential Guide to CBD

If you'd like to learn more about how CBD works and the benefits for both you and your pets, pick up this book by Project CBD and Reader's Digest. It's packed with peer-reviewed research & medical studies, and interviews with neuroscientists and doctors. This is the gold the FDA doesn't want you to know about because their objective is to control and monetize the CBD industry and they're too late.


House of Dreams

A lovely cat shelter based here in Montavilla is seeking donations of plants, decorative pots and garden art for a fundraiser to benefit their organization on April 29th. If you've got extra plants to spare, they could use them (no irises, day lilies or vinca, please). Reach out to Jessica Dadds at HODPlantBakeSale@gmail.com to make your donations.

Pacific Pug Rescue

They rescue, rehabilitate and place unwanted, neglected and abused pugs in permanent adoptive homes that have been carefully screened. The pugs and former owners we work with are from all over the Pacific Northwest and even a few international rescues thrown in. They're based in Beaverton, OR.

Small Biz Shout Outs 👐


Sugah's Cookies & Cakes

These gourmet dog treats and dog cakes are locally made in Damascus with all natural and human-grade ingredients. There's no corn, soy, rice, wheat, or white flour. It's a perfect treat to celebrate your pup's birthday for this month. The company is named after the owner, Gretchan's dog, who's also a foster mom. Her tasty treats can be found at Personal Beast in Montavilla or order directly from her website.


Artie's Shave Ice

I've been in touch with a wonderful small biz in that's starting up and they've got love for pooches too. Artie's Shave Ice gives back to the community by choosing a local shelter or rescue group to receive a portion of proceeds from sales and promotional events. Follow them on Instagram to find out where to get their delicious shave ice and get a chunk of Hawaii in your mouth.

Fresh Tunes 🎧

Need some focus and gardening tunes? Check some of my Spotify playlists:

  • Raga - uplifting and traditional Indian music with flute, sitar, and tabla; great for getting shit done
  • Fluffy Clouds - if you need some happy tracks while you're digging in the dirt, check this one
  • Math Sucks - the band I went to see, Covet, is on this one

Pooch Birthdays 🎂

A handful of clients have March and April birthdays that deserve Sugah's cookies or a cake (hint, hint):

Bucky, Huckleberry, Petunia, Gwen, and Rey.


Thank you again for your biz and support this month. I hope you enjoyed this one. Happy Easter if you're celebrating it.


Chuck and the Pooch Patrol pack 🐶

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