Rockin' Rizzo

Black Mouth Cur mix, 1 yr


Rizzo is always such a happy pup and ready to play with endless energy.

This lil' girl is a rescue from a Texas kill shelter and luckily her pawmom saved Rizzo from being euthanized. While mom is busy working late nights, I provide care midday so she's not alone for too long.

I visit Rizzo twice a week and it's one of the highlights of my day. She is always so full positivity and it's quite contagious.

Rizzo loves chasing after our Naylabone doggie b-ball and ChuckIt balls. I've been getting sneaky and teaching her "wait" and "leave it" from my dog walking safety commands.

She gets hot dog & cheese bites to encourage using her sniffer for treats. Before leave, I also give Rizzo a Whimzee dental chew to keep her busy in the crate.

Once the weather warms up, I will take her for short training walks. This rockin' rescue deserves all the love, education, and attention she gets.

Services provided:

  • Dog Drop-In Visit: 30-Minutes

Pooch Patrol YouTube Videos

Chuck comes twice a week on my long work days to let Rizzo out to play and clean up her poop. He also works on basic training with her and she’s progressed so much. I forgot how hard it was to have a puppy 🙈

My Mom can be hard/blunt but she mentioned last week how much more well behaved my Rizzo is, even as a 1-year-old puppy! One of the things I wish my younger self had known was to invest in dog training. I've always had dogs but as I’ve gotten older and had more dogs, GOOD training is invaluable! A bonus is how Chuck with Pooch Patrol provides the BEST pics!

Sarah B.


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