Our Client Agreement

Updated November 11, 2023


For the purposes of this contract, the Petcare service and/or their representatives will be referred to as “Pooch Patrol LLC” and the Pet Owner will be referred to as “Client”. The parties herein agree to the following terms and conditions.

Client authorizes Pooch Patrol LLC to perform pet care services.

Instructions: Client agrees to fill out all forms on the Time To Pet portal website to the best of their ability. This includes, but is not limited to: emergency information, veterinary information, home access, and pet care descriptions. Pooch Patrol LLC cannot be held accountable for information withheld from these forms.

Communication: For all conversations, Client will install and use the Time to Pet mobile app or use the client portal website to communicate with Pooch Patrol LLC.

Payment: Client agrees to make full payment upon receiving invoices for pet care services. Client can either pay with their credit card or bank account (ACH) through Time To Pet.

Extra services: Any charges for unplanned services will be due within one day of completion of service engagement. Invoice for additional charges (including receipts) will be attached to service record upon completion of service engagement.

Inclement weather/natural disaster: In the event of inclement weather, or natural disaster Pooch Patrol LLC is entrusted to use the best judgment in caring for pet(s) and home. Client recognizes that in the event of inclement weather, or natural disaster Pooch Patrol LLC reserves the right to alter services outlined in this contract.

Personal emergency: In the event of personal emergency or illness of pet sitter, Client authorizes Pooch Patrol LLC to arrange for another qualified person to fulfill agreed upon responsibilities as set forth on this contract. Client will be notified in such case.

Key return policy: Client may agree to allow Pooch Patrol LLC to keep their keys on file in a secure location for future services. If Client prefers to have key returned Pooch Patrol LLC will leave the key at predetermined location.

General cancellations: Pooch Patrol LLC requires a 24-hour notice of cancellation via the Time To Pet portal website or mobile app. Less than 24-hour notice may result in Client being billed for 100% of the fee for all services rendered until cancellation, at our discretion.

Overnight boarding cancellations: for boarding services that have been booked with Pooch Patrol LLC for a week or longer - if Client cancels the service within 15 days (or less) of the start date of intended service, Client will be charged a 50% minimum fee (or up to an 85% fee, at our discretion) of the Client's total invoice amount.

Pooch Patrol LLC reserves the right to change or modify this cancellation policy at our sole discretion.

Photographs and videos: Pooch Patrol LLC is given free use of photographs/videos of Client’s pets for Pooch Patrol LLC social media, company website, and in printed format. If Client wishes to disallow use, Pooch Patrol LLC must be notified prior to purchasing services.

Indemnity: Pooch Patrol LLC, its employees and/or independent contractors, agrees to provide the services in a caring, responsible manner. The client waives and relinquishes any and all claims against Pooch Patrol LLC, its employees and/or independent contractors except those regarding gross negligence or criminal intent resulting in damage. Client agrees to notify Pooch Patrol LLC of any concerns related to agreed upon services within 24 hours of awareness of the incident.

Emergency care: In the event that pet(s) being cared for require immediate medical attention, Pooch Patrol LLC will attempt to contact the Client prior to obtaining emergency care. However, Client agrees that pet sitter has the authority to act in pet’s best interest even if this means seeking medical attention prior to notifying Client. Client agrees to reimburse Pooch Patrol LLC for any additional fees and/or expenses incurred while tending to emergency or veterinary care.

Pooch Chill CBD: Client gives permission to Pooch Patrol LLC to give Client pet(s) our Pooch Chill pet wellness on an as needed basis, at our discretion. This is primarily for helping manage and/or reduce Client pet(s) anxiety, stress, and/or fear while petcare services are being provided. If Client pet(s) is taking medications or other CBD product, Pooch Patrol LLC will consult with Client on the client portal prior to giving pets our wellness products. Client may opt out anytime by messaging us on the client portal or sending an emailing to us.

Visitors: If anyone will be in or entering Client’s home while it is under the care of Pooch Patrol LLC, Client agrees to notify Pooch Patrol LLC in advance. Pooch Patrol LLC may not enter an occupied home if not previously made aware of visitors. Similarly, unless instructions are received from Client, Pooch Patrol LLC will not grant access to the home to any visitors. Pooch Patrol LLC will not be held responsible for any damages incurred to Client’s home or pet(s) by visitors. It is understood that anyone with access to the home will be notified of Pooch Patrol LLC presence and vice versa. The police may be called on intruders or suspicious acts.

Outdoor access: Pooch Patrol LLC will not be held liable for the well being or actions of any pet with unsupervised access to the outdoors.

Aggressive pets: If Client's pet has a history of biting or other aggressive behavior, Pooch Patrol LLC reserves the right to deny or cancel service. The owner will be liable for the pet sitter’s medical expenses and/or damages that are the result of an animal bite or injury due to pet’s aggressive behavior.

Vaccinations: Client asserts vaccinations are current for all pets. Should pet sitter be bitten or otherwise exposed to any disease or ailment received from Client animal(s), Client agrees to pay all costs and damages incurred.

Future services: Client authorizes this signed contract to be valid for future services without additional signed contracts or written authorization.

Locations of service: Pooch Patrol LLC reserves the right to limit locations of service outside Client’s home.