Toad Macaroni & Huckleberry

Pitbull, 18 mo  |  Husky, 4 yrs


This pair of pooches have the best names and are so much fun to visit.

I've been caring for Toad Macaroni for over six months and he's quite a character. This lil' rescue ham is from Baja, California and not much is known about his past.

Toad is very fearful about trusting people and I give him lots of space. He's healing from past trauma so I limit overhead or quick movements. On walks, Toad's cautious about loud noises, people, and cars. We go at his pace and comfort level.

His best friend Huckleberry keeps Toad in his happy place. They get super excited when I drop-in at their home and bring my fancy hot dogs, cheese bites, and dog toys.

Toad is letting me lightly wrestle with him and that's huge progress. We're building a bridge between his fear and happiness.

Services provided:

  • Dog Drop-In Visit: 60-minutes
  • Doggy Daycare Adventure
  • Dog Walking: 60-minutes

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