Adorable Abbie

Blue Great Dane, 2 yrs


This young girl may look intimidating at first but Abbie's just a big, giant puppy.

Abbie has such a beautiful coat and is all muscle. This Blue Great Dane is only 2-years-old and is quite the beast. She's got the best floppy ears and is a gentle walker for her size. Tug-a-war is the best game with Abbie. When you've got 130 lbs of pure Great Dane pulling on you, it's best to let her win.

Services provided:

  • Dog Drop-In Visit: 60-minutes

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We’re dog parents with high expectations and over-the-top involvement with our pups. It comes from apartment-living downtown for many years where inside structure and very controlled outside time were paramount—and from dogs with some special needs. Not much has changed now that we have a house and yard. So, meeting Chuck was the most incredible bit of chance to accommodate our evolving doggy-care! This man has absolutely every quality a discerning, concerned dog parent wants.

He’s professional, he’s kind, he’s qualified, he’s knowledgeable and intelligent, and, he’s very caring/loving. Watching him with my Dane at our first meeting exemplified it all—he took to Abbie as naturally as if he’d know her for years. Moreover, she took to him instantly! I cannot tell you how comforting it is for us to know Chuck is in charge. We adore him and will use his services for years!

Jeff M.


Need a calm, caring, and patient pet sitter for your pooch?